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We pledge expertise and dedication, in all the tasks that our customers put on us. 
Our team welcomes any assignment as our motto is... 

if it's man-made, we can fix it... 

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Our Services    

from sailors,...for sailors...


We will help you with your electronics issues. Whether you need a warranty repairs or a complete renewal of your yacht of course with state of the art electronics. 

Engine & Outboard Workshop

Engine repair & Maintenance, Own machine shop.

Yacht-Supplies & Spares

Visit our shop in the city or see our showroom inside our marina. If it is not in stock we can order it for you and handle the paperwork with no extra cost.

Fridge Service

Gas refill or a new compressor. We can fix it.



Rig Service

New shrouds or a whole new rig, Rig-surveys for insurances or just a spinnaker pole. Talk to us we have a solution Our competitive rates will surprise you.


Charging issues, need a new battery or an alternator? We have the right solution for you.

Yacht Surveys

Yacht evaluations: Our team of boat builders and marine engineers can carry out damage studies or evaluations for your boat. We have been working with the most-known insurance companies for decades.


All jobs carried out by us are audited in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

    Featured Brands:
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    The ARC + has been visiting us since 2013. Every year they trust in the professionalism of our technicians and every year this trust was rewarded.

    The ARC is the biggest contributor to water sports happenings in Cape Verde and is eagerly awaited by Cape Verdeans every winter.

    Vendée Globe

    Although a non-stop race around the world with the latest innovations in the sailing industry, Mindelo is a port of call for yachts that are in urgent need of repairs.  

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    Viking Explorer

    With a smaller group of boats, Viking Explorers is an exciting exclusive rally for all that will need and give help to other cruisers to make yours and their crossing of the Atlantic successful. boatCV is a vital part of supplies, maintenance, and repairs for the participating boats