boatCV, meio-do-atlantico, LDA.

...if it's man-made... we can fix it...  

The German Kai Brossmann and Cesar Muraís a Capeverdian founded boatCV as a limited association (Limitada).

From the beginning it was important to us to aid yachtsmen visiting CV with their technical problems, but also support Cabo Verde .

Since last year we therefore started a trainee program for Cape Verdian juveniles. These kids stay 3 years with us and will be trained in all technical matters attached with yacht sports.


Management & Technique

Kai Brossmann

Cesar Augusto Lima Muraís

Assistant manager & accounting


Nathalie Lopez Brito


Technicians & trainees

Gilson  Jorge Monteiro Maocha (Technician)

Edmar dos Santos Monteiro

Sales & service


Liliane Lopez Brito