boatCV, meio-do-atlantico, Ltd.

The finest yacht service in the mid-Atlantic.
We promise professionalism, experience, and dedication in any assigned task.

Some of our Services

boatCV, if it's man-made,...we can fix it...

Marine Electronics

Problems with your navigation instruments? Autopilot doesn't work? Talk to us. We have a solution.

Engine & Outboard Service

Engine repair, maintenance & warranty service.
Own machine shop

Shipchandler and Spare Parts

Visit our exhibition in the city or meet us at the "shop shop" inside the marina

Refrigerator & AC Service

Is your beer too warm?  Need freon refill or a new compressor? We can fix it for you!




New shrouds or a whole new mast? Expertise for your insurance? Talk to us. We can press terminals up to 12mm.

Electrical Engineering

Boat battery not charging? Does the alternator need maintenance? A Power consumption evaluation gives you peace of mind before X-ing! Don't worry, we have the right specialist for you.

Yacht Accident and Pre-Sale Surveys

A team of professional boat-builder and marine specialists has been working for decades with well-known yacht insurers as well as for private clients. 

Quality Management

Each and every job carried out by boatCV is subject to the strict requirements  of ISO 9001: 2015

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that has been visiting Cape Verde since 2013. Since then year by year their participants trust in the professionalism of boatCV and our staff. In return, we reward this trust with our best possible service. 

ARC+ so far is the biggest water sport happening in Cape Verde and is eagerly awaited by the Mindelens every year.


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Vendée Globe

Actually, this is a NONSTOP circumnavigation regatta, but even those state-of-the-art yachts with the latest innovations in their equipment sometimes need assistance.

In such cases,  boatCV with its possibilities becomes a desirable POI, and Mindelo shifts to a port of call for these bold single-handed captains.

Viking Explorers

Viking Explorers is an exciting exclusive rally with a maximum of 25 boats. It’s a small fleet where a nice family atmosphere is established. The main purpose of Viking Explorers is not the biggest possible group, but the best and friendliest that can be created.

This race is scheduled for January.

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